Log Week 1

Language lesson for this week - The only Spanish you really need to know in Buenos Aires is "Where is the bathroom?" (Donde esta el cuarto de bagno), and "Don't shoot me, please." (No me paga un tiro, por favor.)  Note that if you ask somebody not to shoot you, and do not say "por favor", it is considered rude.

What's the tiempo like in BA, you ask?  Boring:

Clear. High: 84 F / 29 C Wind NW 15 mph / 25 km/h
Clear. High: 89 F / 32 C Wind North 6 mph / 10 km/h
Clear. High: 93 F / 34 C Wind NNW 13 mph / 21 km/h

jueves (Thursday)- Anne and Philip leave on Pava Day  (movie here),  David accompanying them to the aeropuerto. Overnight vuelo via Miami. Anne says that because it's a holiday, no food is available until almost midnight.

viernes - Philip and Anne arrived in BA, spent the evening in a hotel and will present themselves to the apartment manana.

sabado - P&A got the keys to the apartment, discovered the Internet connection doesn't work, reconnoitered and sampled some BA delights.

domingo - P&A called David, thank goodness for land-lines, to inform him that 1) they had tried to send email (unsuccessfully) on Friday, 2) there was no closet space to speak of, 3) the apartment is otherwise very nice, and 4) it looks just as grubby from the outside as it did 8 years ago!  David called back (using SkypeOut for $.02/minute) and the connection was excellent.

lunes - Still no email from P&A, even though they say there's a cybercafe on every corner.  David leaves for BA this afternoon, will arrive the next morning.  He's brining a computadora and a couple of digital cameras, so stay tuned for a multimedia extravaganza!  We hope.

martes - Well, David's flight from Boston took off 2 hours late.  He missed the connecting flight to BA, and is spending the night at the Miami Sheraton-Mart.  David managed to call the BA apartment before Philip went off to the airport.  Anne reports that the apartment internet connection is working, that the BA weather has cooled considerably, and who needs David anyhow?

miercoles - David arrived this AM to the loud acclaim of many Argentinean fans.  Philip burst the sleep-deprived bubble by his assertion they were a winning soccer team.  No, it was only a strike on the Argentinean airline, hardly any deadly violence (movie here)  The three took a walking tour of the local San Telmo neighborhood and dropped in on only 30 or 40 antique shops (here's a pre-QUERTY typewriter with removeable font!)

P&A say that weight gain will be a big problem here.  Food is uniformly good and cheap, and the service polite and attentive.  Lunch in a local bar provided one positive data point, but David thinks more data must be taken to reach a scientifically valid conclusion!