jeuves - Yes, that's Homer Guevera above. "The revolution starts when the beer ends."  We've got to find this t-shirt.

The day started with a little excitement, there was a major fire down the street, with fire engines and police pouring in, but the area closed to other traffic. Plus it rained like the dickens.  P&A slept through the whole thing, then went off to the Ricoleta cemetery to say hello to Evita,  whist D walked to the museo of national history, only to find it closed again.  Religous holiday - Immaculate Conception.  Insert tasteless joke here.  A&P did some shopping, P taking the photo at right to remind A that someone is watching over her.

At 9PM we were once again the first guests at a local jazz restaurant. Here's a movie from Philip, Steven Spielberg should be looking over his shoulder..

viernes - Slow news/photo day as D ambled off to reconnoiter a Retiro microbrewery, and P&A taxied off to familiar territory in Ricoleta and Palermo.  We got together for a brew at said microbrewery and dinner at a nearby Indian restaurant.  No luck in the t-shirt department.

sabado - Anne's penultimate day in BA.  P&A taxied off to la Plaza del Congreso to take a nice shot of mother and child, and then to Ricoleta for lots of last-minute shopping.  David undertook his longest walkabout, from San Telmo to the Ricoleta cemetary, where the souls of forgotten heroes slink amongst  the tombs as feral gatos.  The cat at left, for instance, was governor of BA from 1915-1917.

Off to a local restaurant for dinner.  Anne thinks it looks like a noir movie set. Too dark for a good movie from us, but maybe you can breathe the atmosfera in the sound and the shadows.

domingo - A&P went to the fair in Dorrego square, whilst D went in search of camisetas. 

Anne despaired as David, who has been on (reasonably) good behavior for too long, started reverting to larval ways (drinking from bottle, making a mess, blah blah...) hours before Anne left. Everybody went to the aeropuerto.  After saying goodbye, D&P went to our favorite Ricoletta pub, where we tried, in appalling Spanish and broken English, to communicate with our bartender about her dreams for a felice navidad Sony digital camera.  Not enough light at the bar for well behaved technology, P&D revert to larval art a la derecha.

lunes - With the UN Peacekeeping Force gone back to Marlborough, P&D pretty much went their separate ways today.  D mostly stayed home to rest a weary leg, whilst P walked to Puerto Madero to see what he could see.

A screech and crash outside the study window led D to the scene at right.  Nobody hurt, but two annoyed drivers.  The thing is: Piedras and Chile is a pretty busy intersection, but no stoplight and no stop signs.  The BA temperament is good-humored and polite, but the drivers play a constant game of "chicken."  Buses, in particular, often race through the intersection, sometimes riding up on sidewalk curbs.  As Anne noted when she called our computer-linked Boston number, it's surprising this kind of accident doesn't happen every day.

martes - After mucho research on EEUU (code for USA) websites, P went off in search of a local photographer with stuff to sell, while D wandered around without any apparent objective.  So what else is new?  Philip's homage to Che at left.

D had a novel culinary experience at lunch: he saw a menu special he didn't understand, he didn't understand the waiter's response to "Que es?", he didn't understand it when it was served, he didn't understand it while he was eating, and at this writing, his stomach doesn't have a clue as to what the heck is going on.

Felice navidad is coming soon, but Santas are seen in every color of the rainbow except red. Por Que?  "For us, red is the color of debt" at right on Florida, a long pedestrian shopping avenida.

miercoles - A warm day in BA as P went off to shop for antique cameras while D nursed an increasingly sore leg.  D watched US TV shows (spoken English with Spanish subtitles), but this apartment is so noisy from street traffic that the dialog is incomprehensible.  Or maybe it's a different sort of noise.

P and D have had long, almost philosophical discussions about the DTI (dog t**d index) of the sidewalks of various BA barrios.  P claims that San Telmo's DTI (9 on the Woofer scale) is the highest in the city.  D maintains that, while probably true, this is more due to the size of the canine contestants rather than their numbers.  Pedestrians have to be just as vigilant in Ricoleta, where the perro population is just as numeroso but not as grande.