jeuves - As Philip's shot of a candle in a local restaurant might indicate, some of us are starting to burn out.

Philip went to the Hilton hotel to see if they have a swimming pool, but got derailed by antique shops. David wandered around town looking for, or at, Santa's helpers.  Yes, the helper on the left has a lovely tattoo on her sleigh.

On the walk down Chile to dine at Abril's, P&D encountered a large film crew doing a nght shoot that seemed to involve a priest and a couple of old cars. No Tom Cruise.

At Abril's P befriended a Brit couple at an adjacent table.  We discussed Welsh immigration in Argentina, and wondered how they pronounced "Llewellyn", given the local substitution of "ch" for "ll".  With furtive glances at neighboring diners, the Brits said they were a little worried re Falkland memories.   No problemo, mate: Argentineans have enough sheep of their own.

viernes - D went to see Harry Potter en "Castellano" (a canonical Spanish, not the Argentinean dialect), but will probably need to see it again in "English" in order to fill in some gaps in his understanding.  Namely the gap between the opening and closing credits.

P went to the Hilton hotel to check out the health club. US$40/day!.  From there to Palermo to look at antiques.  It rained heavily, thunder and lighting.  When D returned to the apartment, the maid was still doing her weekly cleaning, and wouldn't allow D in until he dried his shoes.  This is so boring.  I want to go home.  Where I can freeze to death.  Cancel that.

sabado - Philip and David went their separate ways during the day.  D came back early to find Victoria, the maid, waiting fruitlessly for the air-conditioning repair folks. "Nada", says Victoria, knowing D's lingual limitations.  The air-conditioning has never worked, but really hasn't been needed since the first couple of days after the P&A arrival. Mostly in the 70's, low 80's.  You poor Yanquis helandos.

D was too lazy to go out for dinner, so P went across the street and bought $5 worth of prepared salad, chicken, rice, fish etc. to go with the $2 bottle of Chardonnay.  During the subsequent repast and philosophical discussions we solved most major world problems, but unfortunately neglected to write anything down. 

Philip did a walk-through movie of our apartment. It is long but interesting.

domingo - D spent the afternoon doing last-minute shopping in Ricoleta, whilst P did the Sunday afternoon Dorego square routine.

Anne emailed to suggest that P&D visit the Buenos Aires Hooters on D's last night in BA.  We checked the maps and found the address 20 miles or so away, and decided we didn't want to negotiate the location with a taxi driver.  The night in San Telmo was pretty boisterous up 'til 3 or 4 AM because the local futbol team won the South American Cup.

lunes - D's last day in BA, decided to stay local to save his leg for the leg home.  David is bringing his computer back, so updates to this web site will be from Philip's email via David.  Philip has a camera, but there's no way to get the photos up here until he returns from BA in a week's time.

.David's summary - if you like cities, BA is The City. Huge, alive, and with a friendliness that may be hard to find in NYC or Paris, this is a good place to be.  If you like to shop, you'll drop here.  If you like to eat, don't bring the bathroom scales - let it be a surprise.  Also this place is noisy.  Our apartment in San Telmo has to be the noisiest location in the Universe.

Also, don't overtip the taxi driver.  I already did it for you.