This is a 1997 shot of our BA residence. It looks pretty much the same now.

We're happy just staying at home!

Then again, maybe not...

Betrayed by American Airlines, David spends his first night in Miami, also a foreign country

Philip thinks maybe dyslectic Gaucho?

Ethnic diversity in Palermo

Stenciled graffiti in Palermo

Art can teach us many things ,,,

and can clearly illustrate the dangers of smoking

BA Poster art

You think this website is slow? BA Zoo

Fewer such sentiments than you would find in Central Park.

I love you, Stupid

Giant condom for Aids Awareness Day. You won't find this in Kansas City!

Sunday near Dorrego square in San Telmo

BA skyline from Puerto Madero

Philip takes surrepticious shots of BA street life.

Uruguay - been there, done that

General San Martin was the "George Washington" of Argentina, Chile and Peru.

Sometimes these walkers handle more than 20 dogs at the same time.

BA from our apartment

Love is a tree blossoming in springtime.

When we get around to translating this, it'll probably be pretty dull

Anne and Philip visited a Recoleta microbrewery

One of us has a fascination with shoes. The tango not trod?

Insert clever comment about fast food.

BA religious service

Do-it yourself balckboard in San Telmo restaurant